Crystal Clear Windows

Nothing is worse than having your business looking less than professional.

The guys of Mountain State Exterior Pros are here to help you with your cleaning needs, especially with the windows!

Autumn Clean Up & A Fresh Lawn

You would never think this client had such a pretty green lawn under all those dead leaves.

After removing every leaf and giving the grass a fresh mow, the property was renewed thanks to Chad and Rex!

Clearing Out the Gutters

It’s never fun to deal with clogged up, messy gutters. If not cleaned on a regular basis, your gutter can end up needing more maintenance than necessary, costing you quite a chunk of money. 

Here you can see Chad clearing out the gutters of a client’s home, allowing the water to drain correctly again on those rainy days!

Refreshing Outback’s Patio

After many years of dirt and grime build up from the traffic at our local Outback Steakhouse, we pressure washed it back to its fresh and original patio!

If your business needs a facelift with a fresh wash, give us a call!

Fall Yard Clean Up

These homes needed some serious clean up in the yard.

The fall leaves had taken over but Chad and Rex had no trouble cleaning up the leaves and making the yard look fresh again!

Fresh Church Cleaning

Here is a before and after of our pressure washing services on a local church!

You can also see Rex here going above and beyond by braving the heights in order to clean the cross of the church!